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The Brigada Group

Brigada Group is a Filipino multinational company with three subsidiary conglomerates in media, health and wellness manufacturing and distributions, hospitality, and construction. Committed to enhancing the quality of life for Filipino families through products, media, and services.

Brigada Group consists of three main entities: Brigada Media, Brigada Business, and Brigada Foundation, Inc., each contributing to its mission of improving the quality of life for Filipino families through diverse products and services.

The Brigada Complex is the main building of Brigada Group of Companies located in General Santos City.

The Complex houses over 500 employees from different departments and business units. Brigada Complex is one among many manifestations of Brigada Group’s hard work and progress over the years. The building houses its television studio and radio station in General Santos City as well as the administrative offices of the company. The building is constructed adjacent to residential areas along the national highway. Brigada Foundation Inc. is also erected adjoining the complex.

Brigada Group

Brigada Complex, Purok Bayanihan, NLSA Road, San Isidro, Genera; Santos City.

Brigada History


How the Brigada Group Started

Our story bears the characteristics of a mighty eagle from the south who weathered the storms and reached the zenith of success. This is the story Brigada group.

Brigada Group emerged from the vision of Elmer V. Catulpos, who started with a mere 1,000 pesos and a dream. What began as Tolendoy, a lottery tip, evolved into Brigada News Philippines, a 6-page tabloid, in 2005

Despite skepticism, Brigada persisted, delivering timely, accurate information, and eventually becoming Mindanao's leading newspaper. This journey led to the establishment of Brigada food supplement distribution in 2006, followed by the expansion into radio broadcasting in 2009 with 43 stations. The company's tenacity further led to the creation of Brigada TV in 2012. Divided into three segments, Brigada Mass Media Corporation serves as the voice of the group, Brigada Business Group flourishes as the company's wings, and Brigada Foundation Incorporated embodies its compassion and principles. Through these endeavors and a commitment to environmental sustainability, Brigada Group thrives as a testament to dedication and transformation.

Brigada Group Departments

Within Brigada Group, departments are established to efficiently manage various functions and tasks, enhancing specialization, communication, resource allocation, and accountability. These departments contribute to operational efficiency, innovation, and strategic alignment across Brigada Media, Brigada Business, and Brigada Foundation, Inc., fostering growth and overall performance within the organization.

Public Image Specialists

Corporate Public Relation Department

Corporate PR shapes positive company image, managing brand, relationships, crises, and communication dynamics to foster mutual understanding and responsible information flow within Brigada Group.

Corporate PR Corporate PR Corporate PR

Nurturing Workforce Excellence

PMD | People Management Department

The People Management Department ensures adept employee management, fostering a positive workforce environment, and serving as a dedicated resource partner for Brigada Group's goals and employee aspirations

Corporate PR Corporate PR Corporate PR2

Elevating Operational Excellence

QMD | Quality Management Department

The Quality Management Department aims to establish efficient practices through E.S.S.M.A. (Elimination, Simplification, Standardization, Mistake-proofing, and Automation). Comprising specialized units including Quality, Internal Audit, Software Development, and Data Security, it focuses on enhancing processes, data-driven decision-making, financial integrity, system development, and data security.


Learning Catalyst

Brigada Academy

Brigada Academy is the in-house training hub of Brigada Group, dedicated to fostering employee growth, skills, and a customer-focused mindset. With flexible learning experiences, it empowers excellence and collaborative spirit among employees.

Research Department

Research Insight Hub

The Research Department

The in-house Research department of Brigada Group is responsible for data gathering, data processing, and analyzing necessary studies and research in all its business units and entities. The research department conducts both strategic planning and field research in their undertakings. Research may involve both internal and external investigation and analysis depending on the necessity at hand. An example of this research could be demographic research on the listeners of Brigada Media or product research for Brigada Distributions Inc.

Research Department

Financial Mastery

Accounting and Finance Department

The Accounting & Finance Department manages financial resources, ensures organizational health, and provides reliable financial information. Accounting handles transaction recording, analysis, and reporting for subsidiaries and units. Finance oversees resource management, capital structure, and strategic investment decisions, crafting short and long-term financial plans.

Research Department
Legal Department

Data Mastery Architects

MIS | Management Information System

Management Information System is the in-house information systems and data management team of Brigada Group (i.e storing, searching and analyzing data). It is also responsible for managing information systems needed by the managers, staff and customers. The Management Information System ensures the company’s information security and integration. MIS uses business information in innovative ways to improve company undertakings efficiency.


Legal Compliance Guardians

Legal Department

The Legal Department of Brigada Group is responsible for ensuring that the company is compliant with all the relevant business laws and regulations. It is also responsible for both internal and external legal undertakings of the company including litigation, investigations and provision of legal advice to the company.


Tech Excellence

ICTD | Information, Computer and Technology Department

The In-House IT Division of Brigada Group, known as the ICT Department, establishes relevant technology standards, supports productivity, and automates electronic systems. ICTD's key role lies in setup, upgrades, and network management. It oversees software, hardware, and network infrastructure to maintain optimal functionality and reliability.

The Founder of Brigada Group

Elmer Catulpos

Elmer V. Catulpos

Elmer Catulpos

Cheif Executive Officer

About Elmer Villegas Catulpos

He is the Chief Executive Officer and the President of the whole conglomerate of Brigada Group. He founded the company with 1000 peso capital only. Todate, is still ushering Brigada Group in its continuous expansion and progress.

Executive Vice President

About Yelcy Yasay Catulpos

She is the Executive Vice President of Brigada Group. At the same, the President of the Brigada Healthline Corporation – Manufacturing.

Elmer Catulpos

Chief Operating Officer


Brigada Pharmacy, Inc. President


Brigada Hospitality Group President


Chief Operating Officer

Aimee Jean C.

She is the Chief Operating Officer of Brigada Group. She witnessed how Brigada started as one of the pioneering employees. Since then up to now her impact and contribution to the company’s striving for success have continuously flourished.

BPI President

Ymeir Shann V.

He is the eldest son of the CEO-President of Brigada Group. He is the president of Brigada Pharmacy which is now in continuous growth and has now branched out in different parts of the country.

BHG President

Psalm V.

He leads Brigada Hospitality Group (BHG) within Brigada Business Group, a role he assumed at just eighteen. BHG's continued success and significant contributions to Brigada Group speak for themselves.